Sunday, April 10, 2011

I'll be back!

After a Winter hiatus I will be back with new blog entries.  Have had the Strada on the road only twice this Winter.  The Winter has been a rough one in Western Canada.  Reminded me of the brutal Winters of the 1960's and 1970's when I lived in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

I have been working on the Strada after having some problems with the rear derailleur.  Will be testing it out this week and see if the new cables make it shift better.

It seems to be running fine, but Mother Nature has kicked us in the head again and now more snow and ice on the roads!


  1. I am glad that i live in Holland , europe because we had Temparatures around 24 degrees on April 18 to 26 , and i was on the recumbent for 250 kilometers in 3 days.
    Now it is a little colder and windy.
    Hope you could soon ride again.

    Greatings fujin rider.

  2. Hey, great velo! Been reading up on velomobiles this weekend after reading an article on them in a blog. It's great to see someone who speaks english talking about theirs. Love to see more about your bike. especially about the long term ride comfort, and whether or not you have you ridden with it in traffic and any advice on that.

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  4. It's two years on - how has your Strada aged? Parts wearing out? Still riding it? Any paths that you use washed away by the recent flooding? Do you cycle on main roads such as the Trans-Canada and 1A, or always keep to minor roads?